To help assist you with the safest product, we invite you to use our allergen filter. If you need to avoid a certain allergen, you can chose to avoid it by using our filter, and will only see products free of that particular allergen.

Schar is, and always has been (for over 35 years!), a dedicated gluten free company. We can assure you that all our products are gluten free, made in a dedicated facility, and tested using the Eliza R5 method. In fact, we even test the packaging when it enters the facility!

Because Schar takes allergen management very seriously, if there were any risk of cross contamination with one of our products, there would be a statement on our packaging which reads:


  • 'May Contain' Soy, Egg, Nuts, Milk (or whatever the allergen is).

If an allergen is an ingredient in one of our products the statement on our packaging would read:

  • 'Contains ' Soy, Egg, Nuts, Milk (or whatever the allergen is).

Please reach out to or use our contact form with any further questions or concerns regarding our products!