100 years of Dr. Schär!  

This year we are celebrating 100 years of Dr. Schär!

100 Years of Commitment to Quality!

We are committed to providing nutritious, varied, gluten-free grains in our products

We are proud to support a healthy eco-system by working to improve biodiversity and sustainable farming for our ingredients. 

100 Years of Supporting Our Community!

For 100 years we have been committed to supporting those with specialized dietary needs and creating an open and welcoming environment around the table that can be shared with everyone.

We are committed to developing products that taste great and are sharable! 

We develop flavorful recipes that are sure to be loved by those who eat gluten-free (and those who don’t!).  

We are committed to making gluten-free food accessible to those in need  

Building Education

Since our founding we have been committed to expanding education for those with specialized dietary needs. That’s why we have an in-house dietician that helps provide education to consumers, professionals and more. A gluten-free diet is not limited to only those with celiac disease, it can also be used to aid symptoms of other digestive conditions. That’s why we have been working with Monash University since 2017 to begin certifying our products as low-FODMAP and improving education on the benefits of a low-FODMAP diet for those with IBS.